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American Data Tel is a leading provider of data cabling installation and networking. Our customized installation and networking solutions deliver greater value at a reasonable cost. From small corporate office relocations to large square foot facilities, American Data Tel can help you with your next project.

Structured cabling and wiring must be handled properly in order to insure that your network performs optimally. Category 6 and 6a cable has to be installed and terminated to adhere to strict specifications, as do the other categories. Cables must not be tightly wound or have kinks — leaving a bend in the cable with a radius of no less than 4X the outer diameter of the cable itself. Wire pairs cannot be left untwisted, and the cable’s outer jacket must exceed one half of an inch (1.27 cm), when it is stripped back. This is just one example of the standards that must be followed in order to adhere to the specifications necessary to maximize the throughput across your network. In order to keep with a standard of high quality it is worth the investment to hire qualified network design professionals and installers for your structured cabling project, otherwise you may get no advantage from the superior materials you have purchased for your network, or even worse a network with points of failure or unnecessary bottlenecks.

All installations done by American Data Tel are thoroughly tested, certified and warranted, not only for material and workmanship, but for performance to the standards of the IT equipment being serviced. Call us today to talk about your next project.


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